The Blood Pressure Service (Inhealthcare)

The Blood Pressure Service (Inhealthcare)

What is this service?

The Blood Pressure Service supports you to easily send our blood pressure readings to your health professional (GP, Nurse, or other)  from wherever you are, saving face-to-face appointments, time away from work, or other responsibilities, while helping you keep your blood pressure at safe levels.

A blood pressure reading always has two numbers: the upper or higher (Systolic) number and the lower (Diastolic).

You can choose to use an app, text messaging or automated phone call, and you will be reminded to send both numbers regularly.

You may receive messages to send your blood pressure readings twice every day for two weeks, or less frequently for a longer period of time.


What will the service do with my results?

This service gives practitioners the opportunity to monitor patients’ blood pressure remotely, reducing the number of face-to-face appointments required to diagnose and monitor high blood pressure as well as titrate their medicines used to control blood pressure.

It gives patients the opportunity to have their blood pressure monitored by the practice without having to attend the surgery, reducing inconvenience and travel costs.

It can remove the ‘white coat’ effect, optimising readings and clinical decision-making.

It empowers patients to understand their own condition and make lifestyle changes/seek medical advice as required to allow them to maintain longer, healthier lives. In short, it can motivate patients to self-manage.

Studies show long-term hypertension monitoring encourages medication compliance and therefore reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

The British Heart Foundation also provides a ‘how to’ video to Managing your Blood Pressure at home.  Please visit Manage your blood pressure at home - BHF

We encourage patients to purchase a home Blood Pressure device for self-management of their blood pressure monitoring.