Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on regular medication you can request your repeat prescription in a number of ways. The practice politely ask patients to please not call the surgery for repeat prescrption requests but to use one of the following methods:

- You can also order online via the link at the top of this page. Simply open up the link, follow the instructions on how to set up a new account. Or, you can click here: Registered Services Logon (

- There is a prescription box outside the main entrance for you to put your repeat prescription through. This is emptied at regular interval throughout the day. You can also hand in your repeat prescription form into your local chemist who will deliver it to the practice.

- You can also post your prescription request form to us with a stamped addressed envelope for return.

Requests for repeat prescriptions will not be taken over the telephone unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please allow a minimum of 3 working days before collecting your prescription from the chemist.

This also applies to prescriptions requested by hospital Consultants. If they require you to start new medication urgently (within 2 days), they should be given you a supply of medication when you leave. Otherwise, we will be given paperwork from your appointment and will process within 7 days. 


Chronic Medication Service (CMS)

Are you on repeat regular medication?

You may be a suitable candidate for the Chronic Medication Service (CMS).

How CMS works:- Your GP would issue you with a SERIAL prescription rather than a standard repeat prescription.

Serial prescriptions last for 24, 48 or 56 weeks and your Pharmacist will dispense it in instalments (either every 4 weeks, 8 weeks or longer, depending on your GP’s instructions). 

Having a serial prescription does not stop you making an appointment with your GP in the usual way. 

If you feel you are suitable please speak to your preferred community pharmacy who will discuss registration with you.

Bring Your Medication Into Line

Fed up ordering your tablets more than once a month? The pharmacy team would like to try and help you synchronise them.

Step 1 - Get a print out of your up to date medication (available at reception)

Step 2 - Look out all your tablets at home and count them

Step 3 - Against each item on your repeat list, write the quantity you have left

Step 4 - Look over your form and score off anything you would like us to remove or change quantities

Step 5 - If you would prefer to reduce a two monthly supply to monthly then please let us know

Step 6 - let us know if you want to collect your prescription from the practice or from the chemist

Step 7 - Hand the completed from back into reception or drop the form into one of the repeat prescription letter boxes at the entrance of the the practice

We will then issue an acute prescription for odd quantities to bring you into line

It is practice and Health Board policy for doctors to print your prescription using the drug's correct or generic name. Although the look of your medicine may be different, the active drug is exactly the same. If in doubt, please ask.

It is important that you check your repeat prescription list carefully and let us know about any medicines you are no longer taking. Please also return all your unwanted medicines to your chemist and avoid storing excessive quantities at home.

Repeat prescriptions are items that are on your active repeat prescription. The Pharmacy team will only be able to issue items from you regular repeats. If you need further acute medication the pharmacy team cannot guarantee these will be processed.