As you are aware the practice will again not be carrying out you flu immunisations this year. Please do not call the practice to make flu appointments

Flu Call Centre –  0345 337 9899,    Email –

In 2017, the Scottish Government and the Scottish General Practitioners Committee (SGPC) agreed vaccinations would move away from a model based on GP delivery to one based on NHS Board delivery through dedicated teams.

There followed the significant work around the COVID-19 vaccination program that is ongoing.

Clinics will again be set up in a number of locations across Grampian within secondary schools and community spaces such as sports halls, churches and any other large venues that can allow for social distancing. Measures will be put in place to ensure health and safety is priority.”

The website will have information about eligible groups for both Flu and COVID-19 boosters when this information is released.

My child has a fever

Advise for Parents and Carers When Your Child Has a Fever


    • Look for signs of dehydration including poor urine output, dry mouth, sunken fontanelle (“soft spot”), absence of tears, sunken eyes, and poor overall appearance.

    • Offer regular fluids (if breastfeeding, continue this as normal) and encourage a higher intake if signs of dehydration develop.

    • Dress the child appropriately for their surroundings, with the aim of preventing overheating or shivering.

    • Avoid using tepid sponging (using cool water) to cool the child.

    • Check the child regularly, including during the night.

    • Keep the child away from nursery or school while the fever persists, and notify the nursery or school of the illness.

Seek medical help if:

    • Your child is getting dehydrated.
    • Your child has a fit.
    • Your child develops a non-blanching rash.
    • The fever lasts longer than 5 days.
    • Your child is becoming more unwell.

If you are getting concerned.

More information is available at 

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